Nora – Nepal

1 of my best friend, Nora, she is currently in Nepal at Base Camp preparing her trek around that stretch. She turned 50 this year and it is her goal to go to Nepal and she is fulfilling her goal now. She did asked me to join her, but unfortunately my stamina isn’t as good as her. I have lower back pain and I don’t think I can trek in high altitude.

I met Nora about 14 years ago after I joined the real estate industry. She was 1 of my potential client and at that time I was young and inexperienced, but she was friendly and nice to me. She was the CFO for a MNC company back then. We just clicked and friendship blossomed from the 1st meeting and lasted until today. I believe it will last until the day we leave this world. She is a Muslim, but everyone mistaken her for a Chinese because she looks fair. She is petite, looks younger than her age, very capable and modern thinking. We had traveled to a few places together especially during my birthday period so she had spent a fair bit of my birthday with me. Last year she went with me to Barcelona and Ibiza to celebrate my birthday and we had a blast in Ibiza 😀😈!

She is travelling solo this time. Her ex-husband (although they got back together, but never remarried) is an asshole who mistreated her. She kicked him out of the house at least 6x over the last 2 years, but everytime she forgave him and allowed him to walk back into her life. But the last time, the asshole filed for divorced and moved out. It lasted for a few months only and then he went back again and she accepted him back. But she isn’t happy. Anyway,is her life, her choice. I told her many times that all I care is her happiness, but as an outsider I can’t do anything. I can only respect her decision and choice. But I  genuinely wants to see her happy and not put on a mask for the world to see.

Anyway, I hope this solo trip to Nepal for 10days will be good for her. I hope she can find back her voice and be her authentic self. I wish she finds happiness again. And I pray for her safety during her time in Nepal as it is hard to predict the weather nowadays.

Looking forward to hearing about her adventure 😀! And very happy to have her as my best friend.


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