Amsterdam – August 2015

Last year I spent 2 weeks in Europe to celebrate my 40th birthday and the last leg of my journey was Amsterdam. Before I went there, friends told me it was a nice and cool city. But I didn’t enjoy it a single bit. Why? Because of Peter Wittendorp. It reminded of him and coupled with the cold, gloomy and wet weather, I just hated it. I will never return to Amsterdam again for the rest of my life. On top of that, the architecture of the buildings look the same. Nothing to shout about.

To be honest, the moment I landed in Amsterdam airport I wanted to turn back and head home straight to KL. I couldn’t feel any excitement. But I couldn’t just head home as I had paid for my hotels and business class ticket so I had to stay. The hotel I stayed was a nice boutique hotel along the canal and located inside the city center so it was convenient for me to walk around. Again, I was ill prepared for the weather. I didn’t expect it to be cold and rainy. Peter Wittendorp knew I was going there, but he never advised me on the weather. Again, this showed how inconsiderate and uncaring he is even as a friend. He could had given me some tips so that I was prepared for the yucky weather as no one will know Amsterdam better than him, but he didn’t.

I was disappointed and angry with him, but yet I missed him too. It was a very unhealthy relationship/friendship for me. Deep down I knew I should ended it with him, but yet my heart still had feeling for him at that moment. I still loved him back then. Hence I chose to ignore and accept his shitty behaviour. I was also naive to think that he might become better if I gave him enough time to sort out his own issues. He always said to me he would be a good lover to me once he sought out his ‘house’ issue in order. His ‘house’ issue that he talked about was his marriage. I had it in writing from him. If only I could share with the world all the messages and emails he sent to me. Then it wouldn’t be just my words or hearsay.

Anyway, I didn’t do much in Amsterdam. Just walked around a bit. I didn’t even do any shopping as the fashion weren’t my cup of tea. So I was just merely killing time in Amsterdam without fully enjoying it.

Frankly, anything that is related to Peter Wittendorp, I despise it. For instance, I never like SG, but now I hate it to my core. Purely because he lives and works in SG. I just don’t want to be in a city that will remind me of him or even have a remote chance of bumping into him.

As for Amsterdam, I just don’t enjoy therefore I don’t like it. I also don’t like to be constantly reminded of Peter Wittendorp as my mind would wonder where he had been, what was his favourite hangout joints and etc. Anyway, I don’t plan to return to Amsterdam again.

Below are just some photos I took during the trip. I wasn’t in the mood to take photos so didn’t take many. My story about Amsterdam ends now.

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