Yahoo accounts hacked/stolen

Yahoo Confirmed 500Mil User Accounts Stolen

OMG!!! No wonder I am experiencing the same notification from Yahoo in the last few days that someone attempted to log in to my email address from an unrecognised device. When I read the warning message I was very surprised because I couldn’t remember checking my email messages during those time. And another weirdest thing was that the attempted sign in was from Malaysia. The last time I experienced the same problem was during Jan-Mar 2016. And later it was confirmed that someone had managed to hack into my account because some of my older emails and chat message with Peter Wittendorp were found on the internet.

During that period, I received almost similar notification from Yahoo, but the attempted sign in was from Singapore and a few other countries. To be honest, when it 1st happened in January it didn’t crossed my mind that someone was trying to hack into my account because it was infrequent. Beside, it was a personal account and didn’t contain any important info. So I wasn’t particularly alert. The frequency picked up in Feb and was aggressive in March. I had shown Peter Wittendorp the warning message I received.  But it was too late. Bottomline, I should had paid attention to the warning, but I didn’t. It never crossed my mind I would become a victim of internet stalking at all until Peter Wittendorp told me about the internet stalker. I didn’t expect to be sucked into his fucking relationship mess created by him.

I’m not tech savvy hence I didn’t think it was easy to hack into an email account, but apparently I was wronged especially during those period when Yahoo security wasn’t as tight as the past 1.5 – 2 weeks. And at that time, I had been using the same password for at least over 1 year. The last time I had to change was in April 2016. And since then I had no attempted sign in until 1.5 -2 weeks ago.

Before I read the news, I thought maybe I did checked my email during that attempted logged in time stated, but then all my devices are authorised to check my email account so I shouldn’t received the message that sign in attempt prevented.

Below was the message and I received it at least once per day. Now after reading the separate notification from Yahoo and reading the news I understand why. I had changed my password as recommended so let’s see if I will get another attempted sign in message from Yahoo. Damn, it is confirmed that it isn’t hard to hack into an email account by someone who is tech savvy.


Peter Wittendorp didn’t believe my innocence that I didn’t do what he accused me of doing and now the truth was out. The truth is that any tech savvy person can hack into my account easily especially when I rarely log out of my email account and I seldom change my password in the past. For me, if there is no warning message from Yahoo, I don’t change my password as I find it a nuisance. Even my current company laptop, having to change password every 3 months cheese me off big time. But I have no choice because if I don’t change and the password expired, I won’t be able to log in to my laptop.

Anyway, I will be more alert and cautious from now onwards. The friendship/relationship between Peter Wittendorp & I is severed and it can’t be mended anymore. And it doesn’t matter what other accusations he wants to throw at me. He won’t be able to hurt me anymore with his lies, deceits and accusations. I’m much stronger than I was 8 months ago. Sooner or later, he will receive the Karma his deserves.

From now onwards, I will just move on with my life and look forward to new adventures, new people and new chapters in my colourful life journey 😀😀!



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