30th Sept last day

My last day at my present company is on 30th September. Yesterday afternoon, my Country Head asked to speak to me and we had about an hour of friendly chat. No hard feelings between us. In fact, she even complimented me a few times. She said I was creative, daring and possess entrepreneur traits that not many people possess. But she also said I lacked of leadership skills. Haha. Her definition of leadership skills and mine are very different so I didn’t even bother to correct her thinking. I don’t show her all my skills because I don’t want her to be able to read me well. In the business world, I need to retain some skills set if I want to succeed in a shark eat shark world 😉! The more she underestimates me, the better it is for me. Haha. I reach a level that I don’t need to proof to anyone how good I’m. My results will be the best proof of how good I’m 😂! I won’t be able to share openly my plans and strategies as I don’t know who will stumble upon my blog and read my business plans. I don’t mind sharing about my personal life as I have nothing to hide, but not my business plans! I need to keep my business plans under wrap and a secret until I achieve my goals. Haha.

So for now I have to keep everyone in suspense except for my business partners and a few close friends 😛! Anyway, I think the universe is starting to send me more good news. I have a good feeling and are very positive that I will be able to achieve my goals in the time frame I have set for myself. Can’t wait for next week to be over because then I can start focusing on my own plans.

My chapter at the present company will be officially closed. It had been an interesting and fun experienced working with my Country Head who used to be my biggest competitor and now we are on friendly terms. She actually said we are friends and she said she welcome any opportunities for us to work together in the future. Although she can be very demanding and bulldozing, but she is a nice person. We shared many light moments full of laughter. I made a few new acquaintances. So overall it was a pleasant experienced. I might miss the bantering and joking with my colleagues. But then we can always hangout for drinks occasionally so I will still see them, just not on a daily basis.

Anyway, looking forward to starting a new chapter and adventure in my career. I’m ambitious, but I don’t like to climb the corporate ladder. I want to create my own little empire. Haha. Wish me best of luck!!




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