No Kids for Me

Travel vs Having Kids

Today I read a well written article that resonated with me. The author was a woman who chose travel over having kids because travel gives her more joy and fulfilment than having and raising kids. And I agree 200%. Same as her, I like kids, but I won’t be a good mother as I won’t be able to sacrifice my freedom for them. I’m not willing to put my life on whole for another person. I know I’m selfish, but this is who I’m. I just don’t have maternal instinct in my DNA and I don’t want to force myself to become a mother just because I’m a woman and society think I should procreate or else I’m incomplete.

A single woman life can be more complete than a married woman life. It all depends on how we choose to live our life and what give us the most joy, fulfilment and happiness. For me, my happiness doesn’t comes from getting married, raising kids and having a family. My happiness comes from traveling, meeting new people and having the free time do anything I want or nothing at all. I don’t like changing diapers, breast feeding, or kid related activities. I just don’t have the patience and will never have!!

I’m comfortable with my choice and I’m happy with it. Yes, I want a partner, but the ultimate goal isn’t to get married and have kids. Marriage and kids are overrated for me. No offence to women who enjoy marriage and kids. Just not my cup of tea. Also, I prefer to use the money of raising my own kids to help under privilege kids because I can help more kids using the same amount of money vs just 1-2 kids of my own. I want to give those under privilege kids a chance to make a good living and have a better life than their parents so that they can help more people and contribute back to society. This is my hope and my wish.

Kids can teach us a lot of about life, but so is traveling and immersing myself in different experiences and cultures 😀! So what if 1 day I meet someone who is a widower or divorced man with kids? Well, I don’t know yet at this moment how I will handle being with a man with kids. I think I should be able to accept it if I truly love the man. But I want to reserve my answer until it actually happen and I need to make a choice and decision at that time. I don’t want to overthink on a hypothetical scenario or question.

I choose to live in the moment, not the past or the unknown future. I choose travel over having kids of my own. This decision is final and I won’t change my mind even if I meet the love of my life! I hope I will meet a man who loves to travel, explores new cultures and enjoy work life balance 😀😀!

To all the women out there, choose the life that give you the most joy and happiness. Choose the life you want for yourself and live the life you want for yourself. If marriage life is what you want, go for it. If single life is what you prefer, then stop letting society tell you to get married and have kids. Anyway, I wish all the women out there find their own path to happiness and a fulfilling life!



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