Admiration & Inspiration – Paralympics Athletes

I heard about the trials and tribulations of the the athletes that participated in the Rio Paralympics. I don’t watch sports hence I only knew about their success stories when I read news or heard it over the radio when the local DJ highlighted it over the air. 1 particular gold medal winner that she mentioned has cerebral palsy, but it didn’t stop this athlete from winning. Apparently this athlete had over 30million over youtube about the athlete story. Sorry, I forgot the athlete name. Tried to google but couldn’t find the right one.

Although I didn’t get to read the entire story about this particular athlete, I feel inspired by all the athletes that competed in the Rio Paralympics irregardless if they won any medals or not. Just the fact that they had participated in such a prestigious event and competed among the best of the best in the world was enough for me to admire them. Not to mention the fact that they didn’t allow their disability to stop them from chasing their dream and goal. They fought and overcame their disability and excelled to a level that even most of us who are lucky to have great health and body aren’t able to perform and accomplish what these group of special athletes performed and accomplished!!

These group of athletes showed us that nothing and no one can stop us from achieving our goals and dreams but ourselves!! Obstacles and challenges can be overcome if we persevere. If we stop giving ourselves reasons not to pursue our goals and dreams and start believing and never stop chasing, one day we will succeed!! We need to believe in ourselves and if we work hard enough we will get what we want from life.

I admire them for their fighting spirit, for their faith in themselves and for embracing who they truly are even though they have disability. They didn’t allow their disability to rob them of a great life. They overcame their disability and achieved greatness! They are truly inspirational!! My hats off to them although I don’t know them.

I think we should really look up to these Paralympics athletes and learn from them, rather than just look up to those successful businessmen. Success is not define by money and status only! To me, a successful person is how many life the person has touched and inspired both directly and indirectly. This act doesn’t involves money and it can’t be bought by money or status.

These athletes should be our role model and our inspiration. Never ever give up your dreams and goals no matter how many obstacles and challenges are thrown at you. Always believe and have faith in yourself that if you persevere you will succeed one day. Be an inspiration to someone!! Touch someone life even if it is just 1 person. The world will be a better place.





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