11.8.16 – My Apology to Peter Wittendorp

I composed the following long SMS while I was inside the plane on my way to Bali to celebrate my birthday and sent it when I landed in Bali.

The reason I apologised was listed in the SMS so I’m not going to repeat myself again. I didn’t get a response and is ok because I knew he wouldn’t do so. I apologised because I wanted to, not because he deserved it. I just wanted to take responsibility for my action and I did. That was all I wanted to do!


And this will be the last time I apologised. This is my 2nd time apologised in the past 5 months and I promised myself no 3rd time. Up to date, I don’t regret any decisions I had made pertaining to Peter Wittendorp. Although my decisions were wrong, but it did helped me to grow and learned a lot more about myself at a steep price.

Anyway, can’t turn back the clock so not going to keep looking backwards. The moment is what it counts. Not the past or the future.


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