Crazy week

Friends from HK in town, my brother birthday party, non stop business meetings – it had been a busy week so far. By the time the week end it will be 4 nights drinking in a row! Haha 😂! Thank god I don’t drink on a regular basis anymore.

We have a tendency to mix our drinks. We will start off with red wine and end with tequila shot or sometimes brandy or whisky. The amount of alcohol that I drank were substantial. For instance, during my brother birthday party on last Thursday night, I had at least 15 peg of Brandy neat. That’s how I like my liquor. Neat! I don’t like it to be on the rock or even add water. Neat is the best way to enjoy a good liquor 😜! I learned to drink this way when I was managing my restaurant and since then I enjoy drinking neat. I find that I can drink a lot more if I drink neat. Haha. No, I’m not an alcoholic, but a social drinker.

So I started drinking since Thursday night and last night was the 1st time I puked in the drinking binge as I was mixing my drinks – red wine, Anejo Patron (tequila) and Iron Ball (gin). Hence I puked. But wasn’t too bad. Just dehydrated now and also unable to sleep well. I did managed to get 3 hours of sleep before I’m wide alert now. I will go back to sleep later.

My brain unable to shutdown as I have a lot of issues to solve. Sigh…..all is related to money. My finances are terrible. I’m stuck with too many assets that I’m unable to sell or rent it out. So just servicing the monthly loan is kinda burdensome. I can still pay my debts, but then that doesn’t leaves me too much cash to splurge on things I want 😫! So for now I can’t buy too many things I like until my finances are back to healthy level.

In the meantime I need to really find ways to rent out and sell my properties or else I won’t be able to buy more properties for investment. Now is 7am, Sunday local time, I think I better try to get some sleep as later in the afternoon I have to hangout with my friends. Will be another long day and night.

Happy weekend everyone 😀!





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