Do you know what is a Yo-Yo? If not, please refer to the feature image or you can google it šŸ˜Š. But this post is not about how to play a yo-yo. This post is about my emotions feeling like a yo-yo. I feel like my emotions are being controlled by a string, just like a yo-yo. Sometimes it get extended, sometimes it get shorten. Sometimes it flew up in the air, sometimes it was on the ground. I’m still trying to learn not to let the low affects me too much. High is fine because it makes me happy šŸ˜€! But low isn’t good for me because I will start to think negatively. And I don’t want that. I just want to feel nonchalant when Peter crosses my mind. I don’t want to feel or have any emotions left for him. I want to be free of his ghost! I’m trying very hard, but somehow he still appears in my mind!!

I just don’t know how to stop my mind from thinking about him because I really really don’t want to. I tried to think of all the shitty things and cruel words he did and said to me and it didn’t work. Because it just made me angry and mad at him and feeling super duper upset. So it backfired because what I want is to get rid of the residue of emotions that still lingers in my mind. Getting angry and mad didn’t help at all!! Just added more fuel to an already burning mind! It is mentally frustrating for me that he still pops up in my mind. Sigh!!! šŸ˜’šŸ˜’

I really don’t want the thought him to affect my emotions to yoyo. I just want to stop my mind from thinking about him. That’s all I want! Pray and hope it will happen very very soon!!




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