Blast from the Past

Whoa…..very unexpectedly I received a message from a guy I met about 5-6 years back while I was holidaying in Krabi. Back at that time I added him thru FB, but he didn’t reply hence I deleted him and forgot all about it. So imagine my surprised when I received a message from a guy that I had forgotten. I did looked at his profile pic, but unable to recognise him. So I asked him if I knew him and he said yes and where we met. I was like wow. I was slightly impressed. So we chatted for awhile. He is currently living in Samui and a musician. He was from UK. And his name is Pete. Yup….Pete!! But definitely not the same guy!! Pete is much younger and good looking.

Anyway, in 1 week I had 2 people from my past reappeared unexpectedly. The universe is really mysterious. I wonder who’s next? Frankly, there are 3 people I would love to hear from. Maybe I will when the time is right. Who knows right šŸ˜‰? Life is always full of surprises.

I have a feeling that I will see Pete in Samui in 2017. Since he is a musician, he can sings to me. Kinda cool. Haha. Until then, will stay in touch thru FB.

FB is really a great way to reconnect people.



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