Peter’s Paranoia about Hacking (13.5.16)

He told me that there are white hat and black hat hacking. I’m not sure what are the differences. I thought hacking is illegal irregardless it is black or white. He is so paranoid nowadays that he has to delete all my whatsapp and SMS messages sent to him. And he even deleted his entire gmail account to avoid being hacked into. OMG! And he told me he had installed military grade firewalls for his company’s server and including his handphone too. He also said he will stop using whatsapp because it can be hacked into. His paranoia is so extreme that it spread to me too. Made me stressed previously. I could understand especially since I became a victim and my email account was hacked into. And a lot of my emails and messages between us were leaked out. Luckily he managed to get it all removed. Sigh. Don’t understand why some people have so much free time to do so much unproductive things.

Anyway, he told me that if the website administrator won’t remove it, then he will get the professional to do it. I didn’t ask how as I really don’t want to know. Shits already hit the fan so I will just deal with it. I have to ride thru this shit storm that was partially caused by him because he decided to lie to me for 2 years and put me thru emotional roller coaster rides than admit he lied to me and made up grand story about his life! I was so pissed off and angry at him for what his shitty hot and cold treatment that I created a secret Pinterest board to vent my anger, frustrations and to curse at him. I created the board with his full nam @ The Jerk! Of course my full name was also linked to him since the secret board was created by me. I thought it was only me who would see the pins, but I was wrong. So a lot of my pins got repin and hence the start of the nightmare for me!

Whoever is harassing him must really hates him. Unfortunately, according to him I leave too many footprints on the internet, which is true, but I didn’t know back then I will be a target too. And since I’m a target now, no reason I should let the idiot and miserable person to affect my lifestyle. As I have always said, I have nothing to hide. I will take responsibility for all my decisions and actions even if it is going to hurt my reputation. That’s the price I have to pay for choosing to allow him to stay in my life and have a twisted, complicated and full of emotional roller coaster rides relationship/friendship/lovership with him! I’m not ashamed of my decision because he was what I wanted in my life for the past 2 years. I chose to have him hence I have to accept any repercussions. I won’t be like him…..he is too chicken to admit publicly his lovership with me! Past tense now! Hence I can write and blog about it. To serve as a reminder to myself not to allow this person into my life again!

A 50 years old man who doesn’t even know how to be a real man. He has an adult daughter and I hope and pray that his daughter will never has to experience what he puts me thru because Karma has its own way to catch up. I’m always conscious of how I treat people because what goes around comes around.


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