Hurt & Sad – 20.4.16

I’m still feeling very hurt and sad. I could actually feel the pain in my heart and my tears rolled down automatically when I recalled the accusation. It feels like my heart is crying and I can’t control my tears at all. It just came rolling down my cheeks. Some hurt will pass by quickly, but some not. And this fall into the latter category. It is truly a terrible feeling when told by someone you cared that you are not trustworthy and accused as a bad person. I thought I could numb it, but I couldn’t. The words keep haunting my thoughts. I couldn’t understand why it happened. When you argued with someone you cared, don’t you argued fairly? Don’t you asked before jumping to conclusion? Don’t you asked before you make accusation, especially a grave one? One you know deep down the person you accused is not capable of, but yet you decided to accuse that person.

I wonder how long it will takes me to get over the hurt?? Is there a quick remedy for it? I don’t want to feel sad and cry again. But I know I will.

Why do you need to hurt me so badly Peter Wittendorp? Why are you so heartless, cold and manipulative with your actions toward me? Why? What had I did to you to deserve such a treatment from you?? šŸ˜¢šŸ˜¢


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