Friday the 13th – Lucky Day (13.5.16)

Is always considered as an unlucky day due to the horror movies franchise. No wonder I received I saw the picture of the witch and the jackass last night. Again thanks to my friend :-)! He got an earful from me this morning. Anyway, instead of an unlucky day for me, I consider it a good day as I received a call from a buyer who is keen to buy some properties and he wants to view it later of the day. But the biggest luck it has brought me is the realisation that I will never get a sincere apology from ‘him’ as he never see anything wrong with his actions and words. It also allows me to see clearly now that he is never the man he projected to the world. And it isn’t a loss not to have him as a friend because he only used me to feed his ego and satisfied his own agenda. Only a selfish man will do that. An evolved man will never hurt a woman even if is it just a friend. I believe in Karma and I’m sure 1 day he will gets a taste of his own medicine either directly or indirectly.

Don’t want to have a fakey in my life. He preached integrity, but he is lacking of it. He preached moral and faithfulness, but yet he doesn’t practice it himself. He preached big heart and respect, but yet he doesn’t know how to give respect and definitely don’t have a big heart at all. No wonder our views on life are so different because I can’t convince a jerk who wears a mask and practice double standard to see the beauty of being true to ourselves. A liar and pretender will never understand how to stop wearing a mask! I always told him to be fair, but he said life isn’t fair. Life is not fair is because we human choose not to treat people fairly.

Anyway, the picture was a good shock I needed to wake me up. Haven’t seen such an ugly witch and a jackass in human forms! Don’t think anyone has before. Not sure. But seriously just plain scary. Luckily I managed to sleep well last night. No bad dreams or insomnia :-)!

Finally, will I still write about him and disclose his identity officially? Hmmm…..I don’t think I will disclose his name or anything that can point out who he is easily, but I might drop hints now and then when I feel I want to be cheeky and rebellious! Hahaha! I think I will just drop clues in my posts. LOL! I think it is quite fun to let people guess although I doubt any of my readers can figure out his identity. Well, just for fun.

First clue : He is Dutch.

Second clue : Lives in Singapore


At. 5.51pm – just returned home after a site visit and the client confirmed buying the office suites. Yay! Next week signing the SPA. And potentially he might wants to buy bigger property too. See, Friday 13th isn’t a bad day for me. In fact it is a LUCKY DAY!

And today, I will exterminate his existence in my mind and heart! He is officially DEAD TO ME!


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