Sydney – December 2015 (Part 1)

As I mentioned in my Tandem Skydiving post, went to Sydney last December and actually like the city more than Melbourne. People were more friendly and nicer. Not to mention that there were more good looking men with nice body and friendly smile πŸ˜πŸ˜€!

Stayed at a boutique hotel called Ovolo. It was an old high-rise warehouse converted into hotel so it retained some of warehouse charms with the exposed bricks and high ceiling. It is located within 20-25mins walking distance to Darling Harbour. Was it worth the price tag? Hmmmm……frankly no. Would I returned t stay there? Yes, if the room rate is reasonable. I like the hotel because it only has 1 place to eat and drink and it is situated in the main lobby so it encouraged people to interact with each other and meet new people. I liked the communal atmosphere provided by the hotel. Plus there were 2 hours of unlimited happy hours with finger foods on a daily basis. On top of that, there were snacks such as candy bars, fruits and drinks available for the guests to enjoy. Little perks and treats that further enhanced the communal experienced.

Below are some photos of the Ovolo Hotel and the dinner and wine I had during my stayed. Had to say the steak was delicious and the wine was pleasantly good.

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I arrived around 9am at the hotel and couldn’t checked in yet as my room wasn’t ready so I decided to have my breakfast in the hotel while waiting for my room to be ready. The breakfast wasn’t anything to shout about and it was a bit pricey. But I was too sleepy to even be bothered by it. I just wanted to go to the room and get some sleep before my scheduled climb up the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Yup, I booked a sunset climb and was looking forward to it. I’m glad that I did it! The views were stunning. I got the view of the harbour and of the highway and it was worth the climb as the views were awesome.

At the highest point of the bridge, the wind was very strong and I had to hold on to the railing. I was never afraid of heights, but that day I was feeling a bit jittery especially with the wind blowing so strongly. I knew I was safe, but yet I couldn’t helped feeling nervous. And when I looked down at the passing cars I could felt my heartbeat rate increased. Hahaha. And when the train passed by the track underneath the bridge, I felt the vibration and I held on tighter to the railing πŸ™ˆπŸ˜›! I was actually nervous. Unbelievable but it happened!!

Anyway, I survived the climb and was given a certificate. Haha. I met a nice woman doctor from Canada who was on a 3 months sabbatical to do research on cancer. She has 3 teenage sons Β and she was very athletic, friendly and easy going. I didn’t know she was a doctor until she added me on FB. I kew she was in medical field, but definitely not a doctor. She’s really a cool person. At least during the short time we hangout.

We were lucky to be able to complete the climb because as we were descending, the a heavy downpour was approaching so it was too dangerous to climb. Hence all scheduled climbs were stopped until further notice. After we reached the ground safely, the rain had stopped. So we went for dinner at some open air restaurants near to Sydney Opera House. Along the way we stopped and took a lot of photos of Sydney night skyline. I managed to capture some stunning photos using my iPhone.

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By the time we finished dinner and I got back to the hotel it was already almost 11pm. I was exhausted and after my shower I just called it a night. That was how I spent my 1st day and night in Sydney. A lovely city that I wouldn’t mind going back again. There are still a lot of things and places I haven’t see and explore yet.

Definitely Sydney over Melbourne! Part 2 to be continued in my next post!

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