My writing style

All the posts I had wrote so far were from my personal experienced. I literally share my life journey out in the open, therefore, some of the posts might not be interesting and some might be a bit repetitive. I’m journaling my life without censoring. I don’t want to censor because if I do that then it is pointless for me to keep my blogs. I know the risks of exposing my life in this manner as I will be judged, criticised and frown upon, but I seriously don’t care. Caring what other people think about me is a waste of time. Whatever I do, there will always be opinions from people whether I like it or not. Fact of life. People won’t stop talking! Haha.

I have learned to tune out all the unnecessary noises and disregard anyone’s opinion about me and the type of life I choose to live. I’m not here to please anyone, but myself. Beside, all those posts I wrote were strictly my own views, feelings and experienced. And all posts I wrote were factual. I didn’t write to get attention. I write because I want an outlet for me to express myself. Of course I can do it discreetly, but I don’t want to. I want to share openly because I know there will be people out there who can relate to some of my struggles and triumphs. I want to know and I also want people to know that we are not alone in life. We might be strangers, but we all have to go thru trials and tribulations in life. We just need to endure and overcome it with a positive attitude and mindset 😉😎!

For those who enjoy my posts, I would like to say thank you for taking the time to read and follow me. For those who don’t, too bad 😆! As I mentioned, my blogs aren’t everyone cup of tea. Hehe



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