Dino – Day 2

9.9.16 – Another 2.5 hours of chatting with Dino. Again totally unexpected. By far, 1 of the best chats we had because it was very open, carefree and blunt. Haha. I told him about my tandem skydiving and my plan to do bungy jump in Macau from a building at Level 61. He said I was brave for my skydiving and crazy about my plan to bungy jump!! Haha. I told him I’m an adrenalin junkie. I love  challenges and and enjoy challenging myself mentally. This is the way for me to grow and improve myself. I told him my life isn’t perfect but is colourful and I love my life. He said a very good mindset to have and he has the same belief as me. He didn’t give me any reason not to trust what he told me, but after my last experienced with Peter I’m unable to trust men words entirely. Hence, I’m not taking everything Dino said and told me seriously. Just face value. I told him I have no regrets and not ashamed of my past. And is an honest truth. Peter was a bad experienced, but no regret and not ashamed of loving him and wanting him for 2 years. It was my choice and therefore I have to deal and accept the consequences. Dino said I was lucky to have choices. I answered him that everyone has choices, is just that I’m braver to carry out my choices 😎! Dino replied, “very true – that’s why you are so special”.

So what else did we chatted about?? Hahaha…..our sexcapade!! Yup you read correctly 😂! I told him about my ex lover who was my best lover to date. I haven’t met anyone who was a better lover than him in the bedroom. My best sex teacher by far. And it isn’t Peter. So Dino asked me to tell him some of my favourites and I did. He also told me 1 of his most favourite too. Hahaha. We never talked about this sex topic in the past even though we have known each other for 15 years. But somehow this topic was brought up during our chat.

Do I find it weird to chat about sex with Dino since he was my ex too? Hmmmm………it would be if I was still young and inexperienced, but now no. Especially when I know it is harmless chatting with a good friend who happened to be an ex lover. I find it liberating to be able to talk to Dino so openly about our sex experienced. After all, we aren’t celibate so for sure we will have some interesting and colourful sex stories to share. Hahahaha. I’m not ashamed to share. Sex is part of my life and I don’t sleep around. I ended one lovership before I start another one. I don’t cheat and lie!

I told Dino a few of my guy friends said to me not many men can handle me. I told him my replied to them was, if I want to be handled I would have come with a remote control and an instruction book. He said that was funny 😂! And he also said that men can forget about trying to turn me into a submissive woman!! They can try, but good luck to them!! LOL.

That showed he knows me well too. I’m always consistently being myself. The core me doesn’t change, but I have become a better version of myself in areas that need improving and fine tuning. Anyway, I’m work in progress. And I’m trying to live my life the way I want! Say the things I want. Do the things I like and want!!

Yesterday I experienced a side of Dino that I never experienced before – his wicked sense of humour and wittiness!! I feel that he is less uptight now. He is still cool and calm most of the time, but he can be funny and witty too.

Anyway, I hope to see him in KL soon. I’m curious to see how he looks like now. If he has aged well or not at all? How would I feel if I see him again after so long??

My friendship with him will last forever because I know I will never fall in love with him. Not back then, definitely not now. Like him yes. But only as good friend. My feeling for Dino is very different from Peter since Day 1. Peter was the 1st man I truly fell in love with and loved wholeheartedly. Therefore my hurt was deep and painful! Anyway, is over and I don’t want to revisit this topic again if I can help it.

Coming back to Dino…..is always nice and a blessing to have friends who accept me for me! For that I’m grateful. Ok time to zzzz…..

Updated 10.9.16 – Dino said I will always be ‘Tommy’ to him!



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