Yesterday afternoon as I stepped into the office, my office manager told me that my lost access card and REN tag were with her. I couldn’t believed what I heard because I lost my tag about 3 weeks ago without my realising when, where and how I lost it! So when she told me she had it, I was like no freaking way! Apparently, someone found it in one of the restaurant in the mall, handed it to 1 of the guard and the guard returned it to my office. It was seriously freaky and fucking unbelievable!!! I thought it was lost permanently and I couldn’t be bothered to get a replacement as I’m leaving the company soon. Never in a million year that I thought it would be found and returned to me!!! Hahaha!! The universe is really a big mystery.

When we look for a missing item, we will never be able to find it. But when we have stopped looking, it will just reappear unexpectedly and in the most bizarre ways. Of course, not all missing items will be found. But in my case, it made its way back to me!!! 😀

I think reappearance can be applied to people too. I believe that if someone is meant to be in my life, he or she will reappears when the time is right. Sometimes I just need to go with the flow rather than trying to rush event to unfold before it is ready to unfold. I believe by going with the flow, I will stop chasing for people that aren’t worth to be in my life at all. People who want to be a part of my life will make an effort and reappear when they are ready. Pointless to rush. Hence I’m going to start practicing and learning to go with the flow and let events to unfold itself. And let people come to me instead of me go to them all the time. Haha.

Time apart will not kill a genuine friendship and no matter how long we are apart we can always pick it up without missing a beat just like Dino and I 😀😛! And I wish people I want in my life will reach out to me 1 day, just like Dino.




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