Ghostly pic


OMG, my friend sent me a scary pic on whatsapp and I think I will have a nightmare tonight because it was a pic of a witch and a jackass but is human! Thanks to my friend for sending that scary pic to me. I’m going to make him buy me dinner tomorrow for putting me thru the trauma!! Damn, this witch looks really scary and evil. A human but a witch! And the jackass is also a human or disguise as human. Not sure as I didn’t want to look at it even 30 seconds longer! Hahahaha! Eewwwwww…..Is not even halloween yet and my friend is pulling a prank on me already!! Stupid him!! Haha

I think I might need to send my phone for exorcism!! Hahahahaha! To get rid of the witch and the jackass image I saw. Damn my friend :-)!

Seriously, I’m still feeling the chill. Never thought how witchy and jackass humans could look like. I don’t want to scare my readers so not going to share the pic. But will ask my friend tomorrow where he got it from. OMG….seriously scary!

Updated on 15.6.16

My friend sent me another similar pic and although this time the picture is less scary, but nevertheless it was still unpleasant to look at. The witch eyes and face still look scary especially with thinning hair. An old sagging witch dressed in sheep skin. And the jackass was the same. I told my friend to stop sending those awful and scary pics to me šŸ˜±šŸ˜±!

Updated on 9.9.16

Damn my friend again for sending me the pic of the witch and jackass!! This time around I feel like slapping the witch face and punching the jackass. The witch was wearing a black robe with her teeth baring, hair pulled back in a pony tail, wrinkles and eye bags on her ugly witchy face šŸ˜±šŸ˜±!! Seriously evil looking witch. Anyway, not going to think and write further as I don’t want to have nightmare later!!




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