Bungy Jump in Macau

Next item on bucket lists I want to do is to bungy jump from level 61 in a building in Macau. This I have to do it alone unlike tandem skydiving. Frankly, I’m not mentally prepare to do the jump yet because I have to step off the edge by myself. I’m actually scare to be honest. Haha. Just thinking about it now is enough to make me shiver with fear. I’m worried if I panic or black out on my way down and I will be injured. Or what if I forgot the safety instructions because my mind blank out during the free falling??

http://www.macau.com/en/Macau-Tower-Bungy-Jump-1-15-19.html –

I think I overthink too much. I will concur my fears and mentally prepared myself for the jump. I’m actually planning to do it in end of October if I have tim to fly to Macau. If I can successfully do it, I know I will reach another level mentally 😛. It is definitely a mental challenge to myself.

Anyway I still have sometime to get myself mentally ready for this challenge. Wish me luck!! Will update and share if I succeed in the bungy jump!



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