Michael looks intellectually sexy

Apparently someone in my LinkedIn network knows Michael hence he popped up in the section people I may know. I sent him an invitation to connect and after a few days he accepted it. I added him because he looks so intellectually sexy in his profile pic wearing a pair of spectacles. Seriously, he looks smart sexy. I prefer him wearing spectacles than without. So that was the main reason why I re-connected with him after deleting his phone number. Haha. Crazy right? I admit I’m 😛!

I also sent him a short message thru LinkedIn to tell him he looks sexy in glasses. Not many men can look intellectually sexy wearing a spectacles, but Michael can. Arrrgghhhh…..I wish he is currently working and living in Singapore. At least then maybe we can be friend. Oh well, at least now we are re-connected on LinkedIn. I don’t think I will ever get bored looking at him with glasses. Hahaha 🙈!

When I first saw him without glasses I did think he was nice looking, but the glasses just made me swooned. Not kidding!! I wish I will get to see him wearing the glasses in person at least once just to confirm that he looks as intellectually sexy in person as in the photo.

Will see. I never know….My wish might comes true one day. Life is full of surprises! 😜

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