Tandem Skydiving (12.12.2015)


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Tandem Skydiving in Sydney

12.12.2015 will always be one of the memorable and insane day in my life. I fulfilled 1 of the item in my bucket lists – Skydiving. I made a promise to myself in the beginning of the year that I would celebrate turning 40 this year with a bang and I did. I flew to Sydney on 08.12.2015 and booked the jump for 11.12.2015, but because it was too windy the jump has to be cancelled and rescheduled. I chose to reschedule to the next morning 12.12.2015 due to the fact that I was flying back to Kuala Lumpur on 14.12.2015 hence I needed to complete the jump before I flew back. The entire Sydney trip main purpose was to do skydiving and I was determined to complete the jump by hook or by crook :-)! I was praying for good weather and luckily for me it was.

The night before the jumped I only managed to get a few hours of sleep. My brain was all over the place in the morning due to lack of sleep and also in anticipation of my 1st jump as I didn’t know what to expect at all.  I wasn’t feeling scared, just a little bit nervous, definitely excited and surreal too. I had been thinking and wanting to do skydiving for awhile and finally plucked up my courage to take the jump last December before I went back to work full-time.

After checked in at the downtown office, we were driven to the jump site that is located about 1 hour drive from Sydney downtown. The site location was in Picton. There was another checked in at Picton and I had to wait about 30-45mins before it was my turned to jump. Since it was a tandem jump, I was assigned a jump master. His name is Ben. I had to suit up, walked to the boarding area to wait for the small plane to return and take us for or jump. There were at least 7-8 pairs of skydiver on 1 trip and I was last to go.

As the plane arrived and we started to board the plane, we were all squeezed into the small plane. I had to sit very closely and tightly to my jump master because he had to strap me to his body. He had my back and he was my wingman. Haha.

The plane took off and began to soar up the sky like a bird. As we reached about 14,000 feet, the door  was opened and we had to get ready to jump. As I mentioned earlier, we were the last pair to go and as I inched my butts closer to the open door, I began to feel a bit nervous. And as I sat on the edge of the open door, leaning back to get ready for the jump, before I could react, my jump master body were already out of the plane and I was dragged together with him.

The cold strong wind hit my face and all I could think off was I was falling down fast!! Hahahaha! Because the air was quite thin, there were a few times I felt dizzy and was experiencing breathing difficulty. But I didn’t faint. After about 1 min of free falling, he tapped me on my shoulders to spread my arms opened before he pulled open the parachute.

Once the parachute was opened, we were gliding and sailing in the sky to enjoy the view. It was amazing, stunning, crazy and surreal. The view was spectacular. I could see very far and at that moment I realised that I should live for the moment and in the moment. I should have the foresight to see far ahead, but I shouldn’t forget to enjoy the present. What matter the most is PRESENT!! Not the FUTURE because it hasn’t come. Not the PAST because it was gone and I couldn’t turn back the clock or go back in time. So what I have is the PRESENT, the MOMENT!!!

It took us about 6-8mins to descent before our landing. It was smooth sailing all the way until the landing part. My jump master tripped and fell on top of me. His leg were pressed onto my right calf and it hurt like hell. Not only that, his chin knocked the back of my head pretty hard hence it was painful too. But it was also funny so we had a good laughed from the hard landing. hahahahaha!

This was how I described my feeling after my jump:

 “I have no words to describe my feeling of the tandem skydiving!! It was incredibly and insanely unbelievable!! For a moment I thought I was going to faint due to the pressure, but I didn’t! Thank god! Then we were on the free fall and that was absolutely mind boggling! Once the parachute opened up and we were floating on air and I got to see the 360 degree view and how far the horizon stretch, it was breathtaking!! I would do it again and again for different view!”

Yes I would do it again and I’m planning to do a solo jump this year. If I dare to do it, another level of mental breakthrough for me. I think the hardest part will be jumping out of the plane by myself. That moment of fear. But I will definitely challenge myself and give it a try. This is 1 of my goal in 2016 – SOLO SKYDIVNG!

When I watched back the video, I definitely looked like a deer caught in the headlights. Hahahaha. Anyway, it was a great memory. Nothing is impossible in life if we put our mind to it. We just need to  believe in ourselves and stop giving excuses to ourselves why we couldn’t do this or that. We just need to tell ourselves we could and we would do it!!

Life is about trying and overcoming fear, challenges and obstacles. Life isn’t suppose to be stagnant and still. It is supposed to be flexible and ever changing. Expect the unexpected!!  Prepare for the worst and the good will take of itself!!

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