Below is one of the post from my other blog that is not available to the public since last year due to a request from a particular someone. I don’t want to make the blog public because there are more than 736 posts in this blog dated back 6-7 years ago.

But I want to share some of my thoughts and views hence I cut and paste it into my present blog. Hope you guys enjoy reading


The heading and content of this post is quite poignant. Something major happened that didn’t affect me directly, but somehow it does affect me indirectly as I can’t stop reflecting on my life. MH370, a flight from KL – Beijing went missing on March 8, 2014 without a trace. In the plane, there were 239 passengers plus crews and pilots all vanished without a trace right now. Been more than 1 day trying to locate the plane, but still no luck. Right now the plane situation is like the myth about Bermuda Triangle. Vanished without a trace. The hope of finding any survivors is zero, but yet until the plane is found and the passengers are accounted for everyone is still hoping for miracle, including myself. Hope is what keeps everyone alive and functioning.

This incident is making me reflecting about my life again, how I want to live my life and how honest I should be with myself??? Life is full of surprises and unexpected events. Some good, some bad and some mediocre, but no matter what I should not take my life for granted thinking that I’ll have another minute or hours or days or years to do what I want to do or say what I want to say. I don’t want to have any regrets in my life. But yet is easy to say than done. I’m living the life I want and speak my mind most of the times, but yet there are times I still need to hold my tongue so that I don’t come across as too forward and scare people away. It frustrates me when people don’t understand why I don’t like to waste my time. To them, I have a lot of time so what’s the hurry?? But the truth is no one can tells me how much time I have on this earth so instead of taking it for granted I choose to live every minute as best as I could. It frustrates me when I can’t tell a guy directly that I like him more than a friend. It irritates me when I have to play the guessing game about “he likes me, he likes me not!!!!” Why must it be so draggy?? And why must I be called needy or desperate just because I’m daring enough to tell someone I like him more than a friend???

I can’t help wondering what went thru the mind of those people inside the plane when they knew they were going to die?? What kind of emotions they experienced?? Disbelieved, despair, denial, helplessness, hopelessness, regrets and panic?? If I know I have to die, I would prefer to die a sudden death where I wouldn’t even have 1 minute to reflect back on my life. I don’t want to have a chance to think and wish that God gives me another chance in life or that I should have done this and that!! I seriously don’t want to leave this world with regrets. Hence I’m trying my very best to be as open and honest with myself as possible.

I think everyone has to constantly reflect on our life so that we can correct our weaknesses and improve on our strengths and live our life to the fullest potential!!

Live a life without regrets and be true to yourself and everyone around you. Only then you can be truly happy!!

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