Positive attitude

Having a positive attitude is a key ingredient to succeed in life especially when the going gets extremely tough and too many curveballs are thrown at us without a break in between. Life gets too overwhelming for us to cope and sometimes giving up looks like the best way out. Been there before myself (yup, not always the happy go lucky, worry free woman as everyone thinks. haha), but it was only for a short period of time. I was never down for a long period, except for 1 week last year when I was in an emotional roller coaster ride. Even my positiveness couldn’t pulled me out from the black hole I was sinking into. It was bad and it scared me because I’m a super uber positive woman. So for me to be stuck in my negative thoughts for one week was new to me and it really worried me. I knew what was the root cause and did my best to stay positive, but I failed. So how did I recovered? Good friends!

I have a group of very good friends who were there for me when I needed someone to talk to, to cheer me up and to inject positive energy back into me. They listened to me without judgment and constantly reminded me what a positive and happy woman I’m and to stop thinking negatively. I listened to their reminder and willed my mind to think of all the positive things that had happened to me and set a timeline for myself to get back to being my old cheerful, happy go lucky and positive thinking self.

Sometime, having positive attitude doesn’t mean I don’t have bad days or weeks. It just means that I get over it faster and quicker and I bounced back stronger than before. I will not allow any negative thoughts control my mind and life. I always believe that if I don’t give up, I will always be able to find a solution or a way out. If I think positively, I will attract more positive results and energy. If I think negatively, it will affect my ability to be logical and see the big picture so it is imperative for me to keep a positive attitude.

A lot of happy people in this world are happy because they are positive thinker with a positive attitude. It is also important to surround yourself with positive people because their positiveness will rub off on you. And it helps a lot when you are struggling internally, fighting the negative demons that are trying to bring you down. You will not win the battle if you don’t have a positive attitude and thinking!

To be successful, we must also think positively that we can do it if we put our mind to it. No matter how hard the road ahead of us is going to be, we should never give up. When I first told people I wanted to open a restaurant and bar, everyone told me I was crazy because I have no prior experienced in the F&B industry. I have to learn from scratch and am still learning until today. And after I opened the restaurant, people still said behind my back that I will fail. These are all the negatives people. No matter what I do, there will always be people who would want to see me fail, but I will not give them the satisfaction.

I’m very positive that I will succeed in whatever I choose to do because failure isn’t an option for me.

So no matter what, please keep a Positive Attitude and Thinking at all times. It is the key to a better life for you personally and professionally. And remember to surround yourself with positive friends and people because they will be your pillars of support when you are fighting demons internally. They will be there to help you to slay the demons.


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