Boudoir Photoshoot

On July 3, I did a boudoir photoshoot to commemorate turning 40 last August 2015. It was my 2nd photoshoot. The 1st one was done inside a studio and the recent one was done at my home. I had always wanted to do a boudoir photoshoot because I wanted to see myself thru the eyes of a professional photographer. The 1st photoshoot was kinda of a warm up for me as it was the 1st time I had my photos taken by professional. I was a bit stiffed and it took me longer to let loose. It was very tiring because it lasted almost 5 hours. Total pics took were around 600+, but only about 7% were good after some minor touched up. We took 3 sets with 3 different looks. I’m not suitable for heavy make up. Natural is more my style :-)!


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So why Boudoir for my 2nd photoshoot? It was 1 of the items in my bucket lists and I wanted to celebrate and embrace turning 40 years old (in 2015) in a memorable way. It is a new decade, new chapter and new journey for me, hence I should celebrate it in a big way. Beside, I look and feel great at 40 years old so why not captured it while I still have it :-)! Ya, I know it sounded a bit vain and cocky at the same time. hahaha! That’s me so why hide it.

So was I nervous during the photoshoot? Actually no. I was a bit stiff in the beginning as I hadn’t warm up yet, but after 30mins I was posing happily and very comfortable in my own skin. I felt like a model and had full confident and trust in my photographer that the photos would turned out great and it would look tasteful and beautiful.

I changed 3-4 costumes and my condo was the background of the shoot. This time we spent about 4 hours plus, but more photos were taken. Over 800+ copies were shot and 10% out of it were just beautiful with minor filters touched up only.


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I was very happy and satisfied with the boudoir photoshoot because when I looked at the entire collection, a story was unfolding in front of my eyes. My own life story. I came a long way and I feel bless to be at this stage in my life. Not perfect and I don’t have everything in life, but is ok. I have a life well lived. I have family who love me. I’m surrounded by good friends and good hearted people. I  have both financial freedom and freedom of choices so I will consider myself to be truly bless.

And not to forget I have the guts to do what I want. Taking boudoir photoshoot was actually accepting myself for who I’m, all the beautiful and ugly sides of me and also a testament to myself that I’m comfortable in my own skin and happy with my body even though it isn’t perfect. Haha!!

I highly recommend women to do at least 1 boudoir photoshoot in your lifetime irregardless of your body shape because doing a boudoir photoshoot isn’t about showcasing your body, it is about embracing who you are as an individual. If you feel beautiful, the camera will capture it. If you are a happy person, you will radiate thru the lens.

Photos can’t lie. Yes, you can touch up to make it look perfect, but you can’t create happy and radiant pictures if you don’t feel it. A picture paints a thousand words. Very true.


P.S. All my friends said I looked beautiful and stunning in these pictures. Even Peter complimented me more than 10x that I looked beautiful. They said I look better as I aged. Haha. A huge compliment. I’m aging like a fine wine :-)! I showed my dad and step mum the photos too and they loved it. I have great family and friends who never judge but only support. I’m bless!


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