Last night I had my colleagues over to my place for drinks. Just to catch up as I haven’t been going in to office much lately.

Apparently all of them knew I was leaving. So much for keeping it a secret. Looks like there is no secret in the office!! Anyway I’m not worry they know. It is just that I promised my Country Head that I would let her inform my colleagues but looks like there isn’t such a need anymore. Haha!

They shared with me some of the office gossips and I was told that a female colleague, JS, mentioned openly about 1 week ago during their happy hour session that she dislikes me! Which doesn’t surprised me as I have sensed it since the day I stepped my feet into the office and interacted with her.

I even told my Country Head a few times about JS animosity towards me. But then I don’t know why though she dislikes me. If I would take a wild guess I would think it is because she views me as threat to her. I think she is insecure and she likes attention and my presence in the company has taken the attention away from her. Honestly I didn’t intentionally stole the limelight from her. People are curious about me generally. I have a pull factor that it is hard to hide! I’m not trying to show off, but is a fact. I had been told many times.

Anyway, coming back to JS, I think she will feels secure again as I’m leaving the company soon. I actually told my Country Head to promote her, but she said JS isn’t ready. Oh well, whatever! It doesn’t concerns me as I’m competing with no one but myself! I don’t envy anyone as I’m living the life I want, do whatever I please and say anything I want. And frankly, I don’t want attention especially when it is in the business world because it will make it harder for me to be discreet in closing deals.

I didn’t push my colleague to disclose to me why JS dislikes me because it isn’t important to know. Animosity is common in a workplace. Fact of life! Just don’t let it affect you. Do I dislikes JS?? In all honesty, NO! As I had mentioned earlier, I’m at the stage of my life where I’m very secure with myself although my life is work in progress. I’m not seeking a perfect me and a perfect life! I’m seeking to be an authentic me. That’s all I want to be!

Beside, JS isn’t even in the same league as me so there is no reason for me to dislikes her. Anyway, I can’t control how she feels about me and I don’t want the burden to do that as well. She is entitled to feel anyway she wants about me and not knowing is the best option for me. Not that I’m afraid to know, is just that I don’t think it is necessary to know! šŸ˜Ž

Happy Saturday!



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