Restauranteur experienced

I took 2.5 years off from a very flourishing real estate career to indulge in my dream of owning a restaurant and bar. I gave up 7 digits of  yearly nett income to pursue a dream that gave me zero income. Sounds foolish and stupid right?? Haha yes I was a stupid fool, but a happy fool nonetheless. Seriously, I have no regret opening the restaurant and bar although it was a lot of hard work that took a lot of my time, energy, effort and money especially when I didn’t make a single profit since I opened until the day I sold off the business.

So what do I gained in returned? New friendship, new connections, enhanced palate in food, educated in wines and whiskeys, developed higher quotient of patient and tolerant, but most importantly I fulfilled my dream of owning  a restaurant & bar. When I started the business I genuinely believed that I was going to make a lot of money from this new venture and that I would switched career from real estate into F&B industry. Haha. Some said I was naive, some said I was crazy, some said I was brave and some couldn’t even understand why I would want to give up an easy and lucrative career in real estate and jumped into a tough and strenuous business like F&B! Seriously, I had the same conversation with so many different people who knew I was the owner and couldn’t resist asking me how and why I got into F&B?? And my answers to them were and are always the same…..because I wanted a place of my own to hangout with my family and friends, to meet new people, to connect and also to fulfil my dream!! I miss having a joint of my own to hangout. I used to see my friends more often because they would come over to my restaurant to dine, wine and hangout, but now we need to pick a place to go and sometimes we ran out of options. We are quite picky of the restaurant and bars we like to go to 😝😛!

I was also asked if I will venture back into F&B in the future and my answer is also a resounding YES, I will!! I’m not scared from this experienced. In fact, I had learned so much from operating the restaurant for 2 years, I know clearly now where were my mistakes and what I did wronged. I’m very sure the next time I open a new restaurant & bar, it will be a success and a profit making business 😆! But it won’t be so soon as I need to focus on achieving the RM10mil goal I have set for myself. So 1 goal at a time or else I will accomplish nothing!

So in conclusion, just like every decision I had made in my life, I don’t regret opening and owning a restaurant business. It had given me a wonderful experienced, added a lot of colours into my life and it also gave me a story to tell. I find that whenever I told people about my story from a very successful real estate consultant (top 3 in the market) to a restauranteur and then back to real estate with a much bigger goal and target this time around, people weren’t only impressed, but also admired to a certain extent. Not many people, especially women would give up a lucrative income, took 2.5 years of sabbatical, travelled and explore the world, living the life my way.

My life is definitely filled with adventures and tales to share, be it good or bad 😎! New people I met always find me vibrant, positive, bubbly, interesting and intriguing. They also  find me genuine and blunt. Hahaha. Well, for sure I’m not a fake and I will always live my life the way I want and I will always say what I want! I will continue to seek new adventures and experiences to enhance my life 😂!




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