My Thoughts and Views about Michael

Smart, well-travelled, sarcastic, non-conformist, non-pretentious, blunt, cynical, intense and cocky. Those were my 1st impression of him. He is 6’4″, but his strides were graceful like a giraffe. A very confident man who knows what he wants in life and out of life. As mentioned before in my earlier posts about him, we had a 4.5 hours dinner on our 1st meeting. We spent a lot of time talking about places we had visited, a bit about life and anything that crossed our mind and fancy to talk about. He was a nice company. I found him interesting and intriguing. But then he can be very cynical too. He admitted that he doesn’t belief in humanity. Hmmmm… being a super positive person, it is a bit hard for me to accept it, but I respect it because everyone of us is entitled to our belief. So I left it at that.

Valentina did asked me if Michael was my type and I answered yes to a certain extend. I like a man who loves to travel and explore different culture, open minded, funny and able to teach me things.

But then his lack of emphaty and compassion for humanity aren’t that attractive to me. Also he is sarcastic most of the time. And that I find a bit tiring. I can be very sarcastic too when I choose to be, but I’m not permanently sarcastic. I told him women find it frustrating talking to him and he admitted yes. Haha.

I prefer a more balance type of man. Meaning he can be goofy n silly yet serious and firm when need to be. But most importantly a man must be consistent in his words and actions. Words and actions must sync! No hypocrisy or fakeness! Be upfront and don’t play with people feeling or emotion. I want a man who doesn’t plays mind game and my feelings.

Anyway, my fate with Michael has ended. I deleted his number from my phone because after 2 attempts from my end to keep in touch with him resulted in radio silent, I decided to move on and deleted his contact from my phone. Yes I like to get to know him better and have him as a possible friend, but since he didn’t want the same thing I might as well just cut him off and forget about him. I don’t like to waste too much time nowadays on people who don’t reciprocate.

Nevertheless, I was happy and glad that he did appeared in my life and celebrated my birthday with me. Although he was a total stranger, but I had fun and thoroughly enjoyed his present at that moment. His appearance reminded me that if I’m willing to take a chance and open my heart to new suitors, I will meet my Mr Right eventually. He also showed me that I shouldn’t compromise myself to keep a man. It is pure stupidity to do that.

Basically, Michael short appearance in my life had shown me the type of man I want to share my life journey with. He had played his role and I’m not unhappy we aren’t in touch anymore.  People come, people go. We meet people for a reason and a lesson. Some stay, some leave. Fact of life. If he is meant to be in my life, we will cross path again sometime in the future. If not, so be it.

What was important was he added some colours and happiness to my life for 2 days πŸ˜€! I will be honest, I wanted a bit longer 😜. Haha. Anyway, he lives and works in Paris and me in KL, Malaysia. The distance is just too far for even a friendship.  A woman doesn’t mind long distance friendship, but a man I don’t think so. Slightly disappointed yes, but not unhappy.

Hence his story in my life journey has ended for good. Goodbye Michael πŸ˜€!

p.s. Oh ya, after I deleted his contact, a few days later FB suggested him as a friend although we don’t have any common friends and his FB name isn’t his full name too. I wasn’t sure it was him until I clicked on it and there was an info that confirmed it was him. Sometimes FB amazed me with their friends/people suggestion. I’m really interested to know how FB came up with those suggestions. Will do some research when I have time. And no, I did not send a friend’s request to Michael. I just don’t feel like reaching out anymore. If he wants to be my friend, he has to reach out. If not, then forget it. I have learned how to be still and not take actions all the time πŸ€“. Ok, that’s the end of my story with Michael. Ciao!


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