Haze is Back and Bad in KL

HAZE ATTACK! The haze is back!! Is a bi-yearly occurrence where the whole of Malaysia will be blanketed by haze due to the open burning of forest in Indonesia by the unscrupulous companies!

The hazy condition will last at least a few months. There was 1 time it lasted 4-5 months and it was really really bad for the health. The peril of living in a neighbor country to Indonesia!

My throat is dry and my eyes are watery now. The burning smell lingers in the air and if I stay in the outdoor for too long, my clothes and hair will have the acrid smell!! Hate it!

The Indonesian government fails to do anything about this open and illegal burning situation. They just don’t have control over the unscrupulous companies!! Sigh!!

On a clear day I can see Petronas Twin Towers from my office, but today I can’t see at all (as per photo). I think the condition will just deteriorate further 😠😠!!

Anyway, nothing we can do about the hazy situation except praying for rain so that the haze will be lesser and the air quality will be improved.

Really unhappy with the present condition. Will have to stay indoor as much as possible until the haze lessen. Will update if there is any improvement.

Updated 30.8.16

Woke up around 7ish morning to a thunderstorm. And it is still raining cats and dogs now. Yay, my wish came true. I was hoping for rain and it is happening now. The sky is grey, but at least it is cleared of acrid smell. The haze will be back once the rain stops, but I will enjoy the rain for now 😆


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