1st Post in Foreign Language

Last night I wrote my 1st post in foreign language using Google Translate. I had fun, but to be honest I vaguely remembered the content of my post. This post was written for a particular person to read only. Not sure if this person will get to read it or not. Frankly, I don’t know why I wrote that post. Just felt like expressing my thoughts to this person in a language other than English.

Although I couldn’t remember words by words what I had wrote, but the content wasn’t very nice. I wanted to express nice thoughts, but I didn’t know why it ended up cursing the person. I wanted to delete it, but then I decided against it because it did represented my feelings at that point of time when I wrote this post. Beside, I spent 2 hours plus to write the post hence I kept it.

And whether the intended person read it or not, is not important. What’s important is I expressed my feelings and thoughts instead of keeping it in 🤓!

So hooray to my 1st post written in a foreign language. Haha


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