24.8.16 – 3rd wave in business

The start of a new adventure and chapter in my career. The new company name has been approved. Finally, after a long wait. Things are definitely moving now. The new office space is also confirmed. Name cards and letterhead are in the midst of being design. So looking forward to creating and achieving another milestone in my business venture. This round will be a 3rd wave for me hence the goals I’m chasing is 5x more than the last goal I set and achieved in 2012.

So what’s the goal I have set for myself? RM10mil nett income in 2 years! When I told people my goal, their 1st statement was, “wow”, then followed by “can I work for you?” or “how are you going to do that”, “how much sales do you have to sell?”

Although no one had said to me my goal is crazy or impossible, but I could tell from their questions that they thought I’m talking big and acting crazy. Hahaha. Don’t blame them for having such thoughts about me and my goal. To 80% of population, earning RM10mil in 2 years is a gigantic and impossible task and goal to achieve. Even to me, it won’t be easy, but it isn’t impossible! Definitely it will be very challenging, but I’m going to give it my 200%. It will be the biggest challenge and highest goal I have set for myself to date 😆!

And honestly I’m feeling very excited and charged by this new goal. I have a few plans in mind and a few of my friends told me they will help me to achieve my goal. Haha. They are definitely in a position to help me to reach my goal quickly as they have a lot of good contacts and also they are on the lookout to buy valuable properties. Aside from them, I also have new pool of rich clientele so that will increase my chances of hitting my set goal 😆😆!

Bottomline is I will give it my all!! Wis me luck! Haha. Enjoy the article.

10 Traits That Define Entrepreneur Success

p.s. The adrenalin rush of chasing big deals and big goals are as good as having great sex. The success in closing a mega deal with a 9 digit value is an aphrodisiac for me 😂😂!




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