I am completely perplexed by the visitors to my blogs especially when it is from Singapore. Regular country, which is fine. But the thing I find the most odd is the posts read were all related to Peter Wittendorp. This not only happened a handful of time, but countless time repetitively. Sometimes, the number of views would be spiked up to a high number such as 30-40 per day. And it happened to both my blogs. Almost a pattern which I noticed for a few months now.

And there was also a visitor from Netherland out of the blue. It only visited once and then no more. I find it weird because Peter is from Amsterdam, Netherland. I wouldn’t thought of anything if the posts read weren’t related to him. I really couldn’t comprehend what these visitors want to get out of my posts by keep reading the same posts related to 1 single person. My blogs aren’t dedicated to writing about Peter only.

The action of these readers were just mind boggling. I might had mentioned Peter Wittendorp regularly in some of my posts, but those posts were merely using him as a reference and not about him directly. Anyway, my blogs are available publicly for anyone to read so no contents are off limit. Just that it pique my curiosity  why such a peculiar pattern and action from readers of specific countries (Singapore & Netherland) especially when these countries are directly related to Peter. I don’t think is him because he won’t be so free to keep reading the same posts. Then who?? I don’t believe in random strangers. The pattern didn’t screamed random. It screamed intentional.

Anyway, not a big deal. Just want to see if I can figure out an answer to satisfy my own curiosity. Haha

Updated on 24.8.16

I think it is confirmed that the visitors from Singapore and Netherlands weren’t a coincident! Same repeated pattern. A sudden influx in a week and then quiet down next week. Honestly, why would anyone do that? Mind boggling!

Updated on 10.9.16

Yesterday itself, 127 page views from Singapore alone. And most of the posts viewed were about Peter Wittnedorp. There was also viewer from Hong Kong and the posts viewed were also about Peter Wittendorp. It happened to both my blog sites – and wordpress. And this morning itself, another 32 page views from Singapore. No way it is a coincidence with such a high volume of page views in 1 day from the the same country. And all the reading were done on iPhone. I think it was done intentionally. But I’m not sure why. What the reader/readers want to achieve?

Usually, my blog on wordpress will get at least a few visitors daily, but today zero. Again, really weird. There must be a reason. I wish I can figure out the reason behind such an irrational action!!

Updated on 11.9.16

See I was right!! No influx of visitor/visitors from Singapore yesterday and today!! So it had to be someone or a group of people doing on last Friday when the page views were 127 in 1 day!! Wonder who was so crazy and free. If he/she/they want something from me, just drop me a message on my site and I will respond rather than doing the coward act of bombarding my blog. Wacko!!


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