Criteria for Mr Right

I don’t like to admit it, but I have to. My past experienced with Peter has caused me to doubt men. It changed my views on the type of men I want as a partner. My criteria are different now compared to before. Now I want a man who is trustworthy, keep his words/promises and not a hypocrite. If a man doesn’t meet all the 3 main criteria, I will not keep him in my life. I don’t want to deal with the same shit and dramas that Peter put me thru. He had shown me enough hypocrisy and narcissism to last me a lifetime so I’m staying away from men who want to inject those into my life again.

I also want a man who doesn’t play mind games with me and doesn’t play with my heart. Don’t lead me on. Always speak the truth. Don’t ghost out on me. I can accept and handle the fact that if a man tells me I’m not his cup of tea and we can be friend only or we can’t be friend at all. I just want a man who has some basic manners and courtesy. And also has a pair of mental balls, meaning be a real man and not a coward! Physical balls are not enough anymore. I just want a man who isn’t an asshole and a douchebag like Peter who puts me thru emotional roller-coaster and who didn’t grow a pair of mental balls to admit his wrongdoings.

Hence now, I will not trust words, but instead I will base it on consistent actions. And I will not accept bread crumb attention from a man. I will give maximum 2 chances for him to redeem himself and if he failed then I will delete him our of my life without looking back. I’m not going to keep cutting him slack and give him plenty of chances liked what I did in the past with Peter. Looking back, from Peter took the full advantage of me and I won’t allow it to happen again irregardless how much potential the man has to become my Mr Right.

Lastly, I want a man who doesn’t avoids answering my questions no matter how difficult my questions are. I also want a man to accept me for me and not change me to suit his ideal woman. I won’t change for anyone except for myself. But most important of all, I want a man that is a total opposite of Peter Wittendorp!!!

I will not hesitate to delete anyone from my life especially men if they don’t meet my criteria. I won’t put up with bullshit anymore. A man’s character is define by his actions, not his words! And a man success is not measure by his wealth, but by his integrity!

Integrity  can never be bought. And never expect it from a person who is a hypocrite. Always remember that!!

I choose to stay single until I meet a man who meets all my 3 criteria. I won’t fall for his sweet words and promises so easily from now onwards. His actions will be my yardstick for measurement! No relationship and no man are worth losing my mind over. If I meet someone great. If not, no big deal too. I don’t need to be in a relationship to have sex. I don’t want marriage and kids, so it is even more important for me to take my time to find my Mr Right. I want someone who can share my colourful and crazy life journey with 🤓!






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