Hard Rock Cafe T-Shirts

I collect Hard Rock Cafe T-shirts. I don’t remember when I started picking up this habit of collecting the t-shirts but I have been doing it for the past few years. As long as there is a Hard Rock Cafe outlet in the country I’m visiting, I will not fail to go there to buy at least 1-2 pcs of t-shirt. Managed to collect some designs that can only be bought in that particular country or limited edition, like the one I bought from Ibiza.

And I’ll also get my dad, brother and close friends to buy me the t-shirts if they go to country that I haven’t been or won’t be visiting so soon by myself. My recent trip to Bali I ended up buying 5 pcs of very unique t-shirts. Unique because they modified a simple boring t-shirts so something fun and sexy. Seriously cool and funky designs. I love it!

Also, collecting Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts is also like buying souvenir. So bookmarks, Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts are some items that I will buy when I travel overseas.

Anyway, I will post some pictures, but might not do it justice. And shopping in Hard Rock Cafe Bali is made easier with their new outlet at the airport. I bought all the following at the airport. Don’t need to travel to Kuta and get stuck in traffic anymore just to buy the unique designs t-shirts. Check it out when visiting Bali.




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