Michael is Silent

Didn’t hear from Michael since I returned from Bali yesterday. I did sent him 2 messages, but he didn’t read any of it. Could see there were no double blue ticks. If before, I would have reached out to him quite frequently, but this time I didn’t. I don’t want him to reply because he feels obligated to be polite and a courtesy. I want to know if he will reach out to me. If he does, then I know I cross his mind. If he doesn’t, then I know all his sweet words were just sweet words. Haha. As I had mentioned in my older posts, words without actions mean NOTHING!!

And since I promised myself I will be an improved version of myself, I’m learning not to do anything but just go with the flow. I think he is my cup of tea but not 100%. Maybe 80% only. Which is still pretty high rating. There were moments when I felt an urge to drop him a message, but then I reminded myself that if he wants to chat with me he will reach out to me. If he doesn’t, it means he isn’t interested. And if he isn’t interested, then I should just stay away from him. After all, I only spent 4.5 hours with him having dinner and drinks. I don’t know him well to understand his thoughts. Even if I do, I don’t think I want the burden to guess what he is thinking and feeling.

Instead I will focus my attention back onto myself. I think it will yield me greater benefits than spending time thinking about Michael. Like I said, it was super nice to have him joined me and Valentina to celebrate my birthday, but it isn’t a loss to me if he MIA after our last chat that started from 9pm Sunday night and lasted till 2am Monday morning. My life doesn’t revolves around him only 😉. I want a man, but I don’t need a man. A man’s role in my life is just as a companion who will inject more colours into my already colourful life.

So I am learning to BE STILL by not reacting and taking actions, but instead enjoy the flow. Will update more if there is new development between us. For now that would be all 🤓!


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