Chocolaty Tan

Ya, managed to get a nice chocolaty tan color. Not too dark. Just enough color to makes me look healthy. I love to get a nice tan at least 2x a year. I know it is going to sound weird, but  I actually feel much more healthy and relax when my body gets to absorb some sun. I’m not joking. I know suntanning isn’t good for my skin as it will makes me age faster, but without it I don’t feel energise at all. Haha. I know I’m weird!

During my last trip to Bali, which was back in end of March, I didn’t really enjoy the break as I was sucked and stuck in Peter’s drama. I went to Bali to escape from drama, but I couldn’t really break free hence I didn’t enjoy my stayed at all.

But last week birthday break was great. I enjoyed myself the entire time, although I was kinda disappointed I didn’t get to spend more time with Michael. Nevertheless, overall I still had a great time and happy to get a nice and almost even tan 😆!

Life little pleasure….getting a nice chocolaty tan. Haha


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