From Michael’s view

Michael and I messaged each other for almost 4 hours last night talking about everything and anything. I asked him a lot of questions and he answered all of it. Do I believed it? Ya but with some reserved. Nowadays I don’t believe blindly especially when questions that need actions. But for questions that don’t need actions then my believe rate is higher.

I asked him what is the 1 thing he finds me attractive? And guess what was his answer?? Never could I guess – my intense look! I was really surprised by his answer as I have never been described as having an intense look. So I asked him to describe to me what about my look is intense? He proceeded to explain that I have superiorly intelligent pair of eyes and face hence it is very attractive to him! Oh wow……!! And for the info, I didn’t apply any make up when we met for my birthday dinner. I was my usual daily self (can see from the photos in my earlier post) and he still found me hot 😝😜!

It is actually very flattering to hear his compliment especially his description wasn’t the usual. Now I when look at myself in the mirror, I will see an intelligent me looking back. I never associate my intelligence to a pair of eyes and a face but now I will. Not only that I will also look for that in people too. An interesting way to find out more about people! 😀😀😀

Oh another interesting point – I have a very kissable look! Ahhaha! He told me that fairly quickly after he met me he already wanted to kiss me. And he felt that Valentina arrived way too early! 😂😂😂

Actually Michael wasn’t the first person to tell me that. I had been told by some of my guy friends they felt like kissing me just out of the blue, even if it was just platonic friends. But of course, I don’t kiss anyone and I don’t flirt with everyone. Extremely selective! I’m turn on by intelligent and witty conversation where I can switch topics easily and the man can still follow and hold the conversation. Not many men are able to do that!

In my previous post I mentioned that his excuse for not meeting in person was because he was exhausted and didn’t feel like going out. I didn’t believe him. I thought it was a lame excuse and also a lie. I think I jump to conclusion too quickly. I believed he stayed in instead of going out. Why? Because we messaged non stop from 9.30pm till about 1.50am. But that didn’t change the fact that he wasn’t too excited to see me. A tad disappointed, but the 4 hours messaging kinda made up for it. After all, he appeared unexpectedly so I’m going to enjoy it without overthinking.

He finds me intelligent, open-minded, daring, fun, well-traveled and hot 😝😝😝! I’m a woman so I still enjoy and love to receive compliments. Guilty as charge!

Anyway that’s all for now. Have to board the plane to head home.



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