My Chat with Michael

It will always be a lovely memory for me. Short lived or long lived encounter doesnt’t matter because he did appeared in my life briefly and showed me that there are so many more options out there who are better than Peter.

Thank you Michael for appearing in my life on my birthday and celebrated it with me together with Valentina. Although you were a stranger, you did added some colours by just being present and shared your stories about your traveling experienced and your favourite country – Argentina!

I’m posting these chat history because I want to remember this happy occasion when I’m old and forgetful. My encountered with him was unexpected and definitely worth cherishing. 😀😀

Not sure how long we will be friends but will enjoy while it lasts. That’s all the matter to me now!


The following were just a small part of our 4 hours long chat marathon. I wished I had the chance to get to know him better and had a Bali fling. Haha. But unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be. All these messages will become part of my good memories.


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