Be Still

I think the hardest thing for me to do is BE STILL! I’m not referring to the physical stillness, but more like mental stillness where I don’t need to react to everything and feel the need to initiate the first move especially when it is personally related. I need to learn to accept the face that no answer or action is already an answer and action in itself. It is pointless to chase after no answer or action. Because by doing that I’m forcing an answer or action that isn’t being given willingly. I used to think that by getting the answer I’m getting the truth out, but after my experienced with Peter I know that it wasn’t necessary the truth. It could just be a random answer to stop me from asking further questions. In other word, to shut me up!

So now I need to learn not to chase for answer, unless it is business or work related. Personal life, no answers or action is AN ANSWER! Hard for a Leo like me to be mentally still, but I really have to learn. It might yield me benefits that I missed out previously. So I’m going to train my mind to BE STILL and just let the truth unfold itself.

Is going to be 1 of the most toughest mental challenge to myself. I hope I can succeed.




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