August Babies

Crazy. This week alone I have 4 friends whose birthday was on 8th, 9th, 10th & another one upcoming on 14th. Mine is also coming up in 2 days time. Very rarely in 1 week I have to say so many birthday wishes and on back to back basis. But it was a happy week as is always nice to have friends who share the same birthday month with me. We are Leos and the all of us flock together. And we will also try to get together for dinner and drinks if all of us are available on the same date. So far, have 2 dinners line up. Looking forward to catching up with them.

Last this I celebrated my birthday at Ibiza with my best friend Nora. It was a blast and I love Ibiza. This year I’m still celebrating, but not in Europe. Will be celebrating with another girl friend, Valentina, whom I met a few years ago while traveling solo to Samui. She was alone too. I think we have been friends for almost 5 years now. She’s very pretty and cool woman. Younger than me, but we share similar outlook on life, relationship and also enjoy the finer things in life. Haha.

She’s an Italian, but lived in NYC and got her green card 2 years ago if my memory didn’t failed me. She usually come to Asia to spend her summer vacation and this year we planned in advance to catch up in Asia so I’m going to see her tomorrow. So looking forward to some chill and relax time.

Oh ya…..I had an interesting night on 9.8.16. Will write about it in another post.

Anyway, just want to shout out HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all the August Babies and to ALL the AWESOME and UNIQUE LEO people out there! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜


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