Drawn To Me😍😍

A friend just told me that I piqued his interest since he 1st met me 7 months ago. And not only that, he is drawn to me because of my personality. He finds my confident very attractive. He said is a different kind of confident that I exude compare to other women. Will ask him in what way is my confident different from others! Oh he also finds me good looking and have nice long legs. Especially when I wear skinny jeans. Haha

And he confessed that he actually stalked (his own word) my FB page after he saw me the 1st time. Honestly, if he isn’t a friend I would be worried by now. Haha. Truthfully, I’m flattered by the compliments. Never crossed my mind that he is drawn to me although we enjoyed some fun conversations, but we always keep our distance. Beside he is cool like a cucumber and he never displayed his attraction towards me in the past. If he didn’t confessed tonight I wouldn’t have guessed it.

I have to admit that yesterday night he showed me a side of him that’s colourful, funny and witty too. Semantically compatible which really aroused my interest and makes me want to get to know him further  😁.Β Not many men are able to banter back and forth with me for hours and made me laughed non-stop. The bantering has to be witty, flirty and innocent at the same time. And the ability to switch topics will also score points with me.

I thought after Peter, it will be hard for me to meet another man who can match my wittiness as well as have interesting conversation with me for hours. But last night just showed me that there are other men out there who are interesting and colourful in their own ways if I give myself a chance to find out and let them show me. Btw, he is British. Tall, slim and nice looking too. I call him old man although he is actually a few years younger than me. Hahaha, Just to tease him because on week nights he goes to sleep early. LOL.

When he told me he was drawn to me, it reminded me of the same word Peter used to say to me in the past when he tried to explain to me why he couldn’t stay away to me or why he needed to stay away from me. Too drawn to me. I never know I have such a magnetic power. Hahaha. I think probably the main reason people are drawn to me is because I’m always consistently be MYSELF. I don’t hide who I’m and I’m not worry about being judge. Nor do I judge. I simply don’t like to be judgemental and I really dislike people who are judgmental.

Anyway, another good trait about him is when I asked him question, he didn’t avoid answering. So that’s a good start. This weekend should be an interesting weekend if I decide to accept his invitation to hangout. Haha.

Should I or shouldn’t I? I told him let’s see if he can pique my interests again in him tomorrow. Hahahaha…..I seriously enjoy teasing him. And is nice to know that someone is drawn to me. Everyone who knows me know the type of person I’m and I know a lot of people. And not once I was told I’m not being myself or they don’t know me at all. Except for Peter. Towards the end he said he felt like he didn’t know me anymore……hurt and sad when I heard that statement, but not anymore.

I know who I am and people who know me know who I’m and if Peter want to think otherwise, is his right. And I won’t try to change his views. Let it be.

Anyway, I think I will most likely allocate some time to hangout with my friend to get to know him better. Not looking for anything serious at this moment. Instead just enjoying the ride and the flow. Shall update when I have more news to share.

Goodnite for now…..😴😴😴


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