Jobless soon

Will be jobless soon. My heart isn’t in the company anymore. No matter how hard I have tried to fit in, I just couldn’t. And I’m not going to force myself to fit in anymore. I’m like a bird…..I don’t like to be caged. I like to have the freedom to chase after my goals and dream without having to worry about meeting anyone’s expectation. For me, I want to explore a few different directions and create my own blue ocean. I like to branch out and keep modifying my business ideas. Not only I want to build sustainable business, but I want to fulfil a vision and a dream. I don’t need to make a lot of money, but I do want to build one of the best boutique company in the industry. And I can’t do that where I’m currently.

I need to leave and go after my own dream and goals again. I don’t believe in magic because believing in magic means believing in illusion. I prefer to believe in reality. Anyway, have to wait until my Country Head to return from her holiday to tender my resignation letter. Then probably another 1-2 months before I can leave. Guessing, not sure as she might asks me to leave early. Which I don’t mind to be honest.

Will see……



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