Nothing is Impossible!

Skydiver Survives Jump From 25,000 Feet, and Without a Parachute

Luke Aikins was the 1st person to attempt skydiving without a parachute or wingsuit!! Wow!! When I first read the heading before I read the article, I was like WTF!! Insanely ballsy!! Ordinary man, extraordinary achievement!!

I couldn’t believe that someone would attempt something so insane and came out unscathed. Now, this is what I called Extreme Sport!! Haha. Phew…..I wondered what went thru his mind during the entire period to the moment he knew he had landed safely. If I would to guess I think he just focused his entire mental energy and concentration on landing safely. Don’t think he could afford to let any slightest fear and worry to distract him from his ultimate goal of surviving the jump!

Reading his story inspired me. Seriously, nothing is impossible if we put our mind to do it. If we believe in ourselves and conquer our fear, we could achieve the greatest feat that we set out for ourselves. Focus, determination and perseverance are the keys to achieving the impossible. Never underestimate our own capabilities and abilities. Seriously, everything is possible if we dare to chase after our dream and goals! Of course we need to do proper planning and lots of practice too if we want to succeed. My hats off to Luke Aikins! It took a lot of mental strength to be able to do what he did!! Absolutely 200% insanity!! 😂

In life, we always have to give our dream and goals a shot before we give up. If we don’t try, we already fail! And in my life motto, nothing is impossible!

If there is a will, there is  a way!! If you think you can, you can!!


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