Night Owl

I’m a night owl. I rarely go to bed before midnight unless I’m super duper tired or drunk 😝 . Otherwise my bed time will be around this ungodly hour….2-3am, even on work nights. I like this hour of the night as I can think better when everything has quiet down. I know it is bad for my health, but I’m too used to it already. Even when I tried to go to bed early, I couldn’t sleep as well because my brain wouldn’t shutdown at all. Hence, might as well just stay up until I become sleepy. Haha

So what do I usually do at this ungodly hour? Hmmmm… I’m writing new post for the blog. Hahaha. But most of the times just to catch up on news, get some work done or read a book. Actually writing a new post for my blog is also a big part of the things I usually do at this ungodly hour especially when the mood to write strikes me. Anyway, I’m not the only one who is a night owl. I have a lot of friends that are night owls too. Hahaha

Oh well, I know it is a very bad habit and practice which I’m trying to get rid of as I really like to be able to sleep a bit early. But so far I have failed!

Anyway there is nothing much I can write about being a night owl so ending this post now.

Cheers everyone, wherever you are!!


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