Politic and Corruption

I never like to read any news related to politics therefore I’m not familiar with my country politicians name and face. I always feel and think that as long as the country is peaceful and I get to earn a living I’m not going to be bothered by the crazy world of politics. But very unfortunate, in the past 2 years my country was thrust into the limelight and today Malaysia took the centerstage and made front page news around the world for having a very very corrupted man whom the US Justice of Department referred to “Malaysia Official 1“, whom we locally nicknamed Jibbygor. 

This person siphoned off my country taxpayers money and lined not only his own pockets but also of his cohorts. It was daylight robbery and to make matter worst he and his gang of thieves spewed out explanations that any person with brain will never believe at all!! The excuses were just absurd and made my country a laughing stock around the world. But this wasn’t the worst, the worst was the independent authorities such AG and Anti-Corruption departments are staffed with this person supporters hence this person was found not guilty even though there was an obscene sum of money found in his private account. He claimed it was a donation by a particular sovereign country in the Middle East!!! Really?? Wow! Speechless. Salute them for able to come up with such a far fetched and yet sounded plausible explanation!! Bravo to have this person running the country…..running it to the ground and along the way this person became the most famous person in the world!! He made Malaysia infamous as we are constantly being featured in the World News! Brought shame to the country and its citizens but yet he and his group of daylight official robbers could still carry on life as usual. Unbelievable!

Waiting to see what other absurd excuses Jibbygor are going to spew out and also all the dramas his cohorts are orchestrating to distract Malaysians from the ongoing US investigation.


I am ashamed to have such a leader leading my country. If he doesn’t steps down soon, he will run the country into deep dark black hole. The corruption and the scandal are just getting out of control and more ridiculous. Sigh.

Money and power are the root of all evils!!



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