My brain can’t calm down even at this ungodly hour. Too much loose ends in my life that I can’t tie up yet and I’m frustrated with myself and the circumstances I’m currently in because I don’t have control over the issues at hand. I’m at the mercy of other people decision. Unfortunately, I needed these people hence I can’t tell them to fly kite!! And this fact alone is enough to drive me up the wall!! I hate depending on people, but I have no other options I can choose. Arrrgghhh……..I really hate the feeling of uncertainty and restlessness.

I just pray hard that I can settle my restaurant sale by next week officially and the potential tenant for my office suites plus the potential buyer for my Banyan Tree will revert back with good news. I just want to get rid of all these headaches and free my cash so that I won’t need to keep servicing the loan repayment 😨!! Praying hard!!

Anyway, I’m going to take a fe deep breath, clear my mind and get some reading done before I hit the sack.

Good nite everyone 😀



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