Charlie Puth’s songs

I enjoy Charlie Puth’s songs especially One Call Away. Don’t know why but overtime I heard this song and the word Superman I was reminded of Peter. He definitely doesn’t looks like Superman or behave like one, but somehow he just came to mind when I heard that. I know I’m weird. Haha. And beside this song doesn’t apply to him as he isn’t one call away for me at all! I think the song to describe our situation now is We Don’t Talk Anymore, sang by Puth and Selena Gomez. I heard it for the 1st time today and another good song too.

I enjoy Charlie Puth songs because the songs were meaningful and yet relaxing. I always feel upbeat listening to his songs even though the lyrics were kinda sad sometimes. Marvin Gaye, him singing with Megan Trainor was also a nice song. All these songs were from his album Nine Track Mind.

Apple Music makes it so much more easy and cheaper to listen and download songs. Happy to pay subscription for it. I know his favourite songs but since I said I won’t write anything more about him, I will do my best to keep my promise.

Ok, have to get back to work.


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