Random Thoughts

Not in the writing mood during the past few days. Just wanted to rest my brain and focus on things that needed my immediate attention. A few issues to tidy up and resolve especially pertaining to the sale of my restaurant and also the sale/rent of my various properties. These are the issues I have to settle in order to ease my financial burdens. Hopefully, by end of this month I will be in a better position than presently. Have to stay and keep thinking positively.

Also, not in the mood to write about Peter Wittendorp anymore. I thought of him less and less as each day passed by. Don’t miss him anymore and I think I might have stopped loving him too. I was trying to replay some of the good and bad memories in my mind for the last few days and it didn’t stir up any emotions and feelings in me anymore. I think I have accepted the fact that I will never receive the apology that he owes me for his baseless accusation. He never apologised 3 months ago when he had a chance to do so, he definitely won’t apologise now. I will never look at him in the same light as before. Anyway, I doubt I will write another post about him unless I’m being provoke. Haha. If not, the chapter of him in my life journey is closed permanently. He isn’t worth my time, attention and energy anymore. I used to feel lucky to be loved by him, but now not anymore. Oh well, not dwelling and dragging up the past anymore. I think my readers are getting tired of reading the same old story. Haha.

Talking about my readers, I’m getting a lot of visitors from Singapore lately. Just 2 nights ago, 71 page views in 1 hour and then another 23 at 3am! And using iPhone all the time.

Really weird because most of the posts were related to Peter. I’m feeling like being monitored or stalked. Maybe it was just new readers from Singapore. Don’t know for sure. Just guesswork.

Not bother by it. Just curious by the action. It is definitely an action of a particular person or a gang of people. Anyway, the moment I decided to announce his identity in my posts, I already know that 1 day he or someone related to him will stumbles across my blog and I’m cool with my decision. Whatever he feels and thinks doesn’t concerns me anymore. He is irrelevant therefore his views aren’t important to me at all. I had a past with him although he will deny it and downplay that fact, is ok. As long as I know it was a fact, that’s enough. If he still wants to continue to lie and live a life of denial, deceits and lies, it is strictly his choice and decision. Doesn’t concerns me. I only care about being the person I want to be and if people don’t agree or like, too bad for them. Won’t change for anyone. Haha.
Ok…..that’s all for this post. Need to sleep. Goodnite world, goodnite everyone!




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