Oia, Santorini (Mystique Hotel)

Oia, Santorini was in my bucket lists of places to visit and I went there in August 2012 with my brother to celebrate my birthday. It was my 1st holiday with my younger brother and we had a lot of fun. I enjoyed traveling with my brother and I missed that.

We stayed in Mystique Hotel in Oia, Santorini and the hotel was gorgeous with stunning view! It is a place I will return again. Weather was super hot, about 40 degree Celsius, but it was windy so it was manageable. Lovely shops selling interesting arts that are unique to Santorini and people are very friendly. There were plenty of good looking men and pretty women :-)!

A destination that I would like to visit again with the love of my life somedays in the future! For now…..I’m happy that I had been there with my younger brother whom I love dearly.

The steps leading to our room were steep and we had to climb at least 50 steps or so daily to reach the street level or to get to the restaurant for breakfast and it was a great exercised for both of us. Damn tiring to be honest. hahaha!

We took over 1000 pictures during this trip to Greece. We started of in Athens, followed by Oia & Fira and finished it off in Mykonos. My brother didn’t join me in Mykonos because he had to fly back early for work. I didn’t really enjoy myself in Mykonos as people there weren’t as friendly as Oia. Will write about Mykonos in separate post.

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