Nightmare in Nice, France

Just read the news about the attacked in Nice, France. Another 84 innocent people killed and 100 more injured. And some are still missing. What has the world turned into? A crazy place. I really can’t figure out what do the terrorists gain by carrying out all these attacks. It is so inhumane to kill innocent people. It is just beyond my comprehension. I can’t help wondering what was going thru the mind of the attacker when he drove the truck into the crowd and heard the screams of all those innocent people and saw the terror in their face and eyes?

Seriously senseless. The world is becoming a scary place to live. We are always a target especially in a world full of hatred and not enough compassion. I couldn’t imagine the fear and helplessness that went thru the mind of the victims as they ran for safety to save their life.

A min ago they had just finished watching the beautiful fireworks, enjoying and celebrating the joyous and festive night with family and friends and the next minute they were running for their life and witnessed a nightmarish massacre by a man who used God as an excuse to commit a heinous act. Sometimes no matter how vigilant we are, we would still be unable to detect a monster like the attacker because he was just like all of us, living his own life and going about his own business until he was ready to strike and caused a mayhem!

Beauty and ugliness live side by side and with a blink of our eyes our life could be changed forever. The story of our life could be rewrote without notice and beyond our control  😔.      

We could be robbed off our happiness and replaced with immense sadness without warning.

We should really practice more compassion and kindness instead of hatred and selfishness. My heart goes out to France, the victims family and love ones, the witnesses, the bystanders and anyone who were there when this hideous attacked happened.


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