Naughty = Alive

If next time someone says to you that you are naughty, remember to say thank you in return. Why?? Because it means you are living your life the way you want and not binded by customs and traditions. Naughty means disobedient or mischievous. And those people who are being called naughty are usually those who do things their own way and not what the rules dictate them to do. Because they dare to do it, they are experiencing and enjoying life. And when you are enjoying life, you will feel very much alive because you don’t know what the next day bring you. Even if you do, you might attempt the same routine from a different angle because you don’t conform to the norm practice. And when you find a new way to spice up your daily routine you will be very happy and excited. When that happens, you become a happier person.

Alive doesn’t mean you exist in this world physically only. It mean you live life to the fullest without regret and do what you want to do without worrying too much about what people think or say about you. Alive = full of energy and spirit; lively and also having the quality of life; vivid; vibrant.

So being called naughty is a great thing because it means you are alive and having a blast with your life. To act mischievous you need load of energy and spirit so when you do this you are actually very alive ;-)!!! Therefore, it is important to be naughty whenever you can do so because it will make your life more lively, colorful and interesting :-)!!! I know mine is so I love to be called naughty because then I know I’m being mischievous and the thought of it never fail to put a grin on my face. And I think when I’m acting naughty, the people around me will benefit too because my mischievousness make them laugh a lot. Or conjure crazy, sexy or horny images in their mind, which I know will definitely put a silly grin on their face when they picture me in their brain. I know for sure because I have been told so by some close friends. Haha!!

Anyway, this is just purely my own opinion. And I’m definitely practicing what I’m writing down. Lead by example. Heehee!!

Ok sleeping time. Need to do site visit again tomorrow morning. Ciao!


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